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I am a See Jane Run Ambassador!

2 May

I am excited to announce that I have been chosen as a See Jane Run ambassador!



AHHHHHH!!! Ok – needless to say I’m ridiculously excited. I applied for the program back in March and have been waiting on pins and needles to see if I’d get accepted. I wasn’t really expecting to get picked. I mean, there are tons of amazing women with inspiring stories and reasons why they should be ambassadors. So I figured it was a long shot.

A little information about See Jane Run (from the See Jane Run website)

See Jane Run is so much more than a running store. As a woman-owned and operated company, See Jane Run reaches out to individuals of all shapes, ages and fitness levels. Yeah, we sell shoes and gear, but we also motivate, inspire and support. Our Train With Jane programs are designed specifically to meet the needs of a Jane who has never run beyond the corner to the seasoned Jane who wants to shave time off her personal best. And we even host our own events. Yep, we like to stay busy! See Jane Run half marathons and triathlons are happening in the San Francisco CA area, Boise ID, Seattle WA and Wichita KS.

And here is the See Jane Run Manifesto


I chose to apply to be an ambassador because they embrace the female spirit. They celebrate WOMEN. Our hard work, our commitment and every essential part of who we are. They encourage us to strive for things bigger than ourselves. To be part of a running community and to move forward together. They do this through not only their stores but also their events.

And then they reward us with awesome things like champagne and chocolate at the end of our races…I mean who wouldn’t LOVE that?

If you’ve read my blog and about my weight loss journey, you know that I have often struggled to embrace my own beauty. It is something I work on EVERY day. Some days are better than others and I am able to see the beauty in OTHERS much more than I see myself. I’m hoping that by being part of this amazing group of women (my fellow SJR ambassadors) I’ll be exposed to wonderful opportunities to grow and share my journey. Inspire new faces and hopefully re-inspire myself along the way.

Keep a lookout on the blog, Twitter and Facebook page for more posts about my See Jane Run ambassador experience. I’ll be running the See Jane Run Half Marathon in Seattle on July 14th and will post my training stories along the way. My Goal for that race is to hit sub 2:00! (If I haven’t hit it by then!)


What is YOUR favorite See Jane Run product? What do YOU want to know about See Jane Run? Are you running one of their events?


La Jolla Half Marathon {Race Recap} – #5 of 2013

30 Apr

Greetings! I have returned! I have been MIA of late and that is due to the insanely CRAZY schedule that is my life this month. It doesn’t seem to be getting any less crazy over the coming weeks/months so I’m just going to have to find additional time/motivation/energy to make sure I keep being consistent. Consistent in ALL things, training, running, being social and posting HERE!

Ok – So I’m back and well I’ve returned with a vengeance! Today was the La Jolla Half Marathon (#2 in the Triple Crown Series). And as inconsistent as I’ve been with posting here, I have been JUST as inconsistent with my running. I’ve had  5-10 runs since my last Half Marathon (SD Half on March 10th). Ranging from 3-7 miles….and NO hill training….Yeah well THIS is the elevation map for La Jolla


Needless to say I felt ill prepared. But I wasn’t worried about time. Just finishing it. Going in and kicking those hills in the BUTT. I wasn’t about to let them beat me. After classes on Saturday I headed to the race expo to meet my good friend Melissa. We grabbed our bibs and walked around the expo. Very small since it was right outside Road Runner Sports and since it is a smaller race itself. I mean who needs a ton of expo booths when you have a running store right there? Kinda sad because I like getting all the free samples and seeing new things, but given the chaos of my schedule it was nice to just go in and out. Parking was a bit chaotic and I ended up spending more money at RRS then I should’ve but since I live and work in workout gear I see it as an investment. 🙂

We also hit up one of the booths for some free stretching and pain assessment…I think the picture says it all dontcha think?! {Sorry Melissa!!)



I also thought it was pretty awesome that they had this Run for Boston sign with markers for every runner to stop by and put a message on. Given the chaos of my schedule I haven’t been able to voice my thoughts on the tragedy at the Boston Marathon. Needless to say I was shell shocked the days after it. Found myself crying for the friends I had in Boston, for my cousin who just happened to be visiting the city that weekend. Even if you weren’t running, weren’t qualified, weren’t there…..we as a running community felt it. But we have struck back with more love, faith and persistence then I could ever have hoped. Makes me truly proud to be part of this community. Worldwide we are ONE.




My preparation the night before the race was needless to say just as out of it as the rest of my ‘training’ (aka non-existent). I babysat for one of my little dancers and her brother and sister. Didn’t get home and into bed until midnight which meant that there was no laying out of my clothes for the next morning or any other kind of preparation. I DID however make the command decision to sleep in an extra hour on race morning and trek it up to Del Mar to the start line. The race goes from Del Mar down to La Jolla so you either have to park at the start and shuttle back from the finish, or  park at the finish and shuttle to the start. I’d originally planned to do the latter, but that meant getting up at 4am and that was just NOT gonna happen.

Race day morning I got up, laid out my clothes and got prepped to go. Wearing yellow to rep for Boston. The extra hour of sleep was a blessing and the trek up to Del Mar to park was WAY easier than I anticipated.


I had about an hour to spare so sat and stayed warm until race start, then met with Melissa to get into our corral. We got a couple pre-race photos at the start line and with some super cool spiderman outfitted runners…


Then the waves went and we were off. I ran into quite a few friends along the way, which helped in the motivation arena. They kept me pumped, especially on the hill. I caught my friend Kristina’s husband at multiple points along the crazy hills. And by multiple points I mean I would see him, I’d run past him where he was waiting for Kristina, then he’d run past ME to get to his next point, and I’d see him again. Crazy Kenyan-like man. WISH I had his energy and speed!

Here are some of the sights along the route….


13.1 miles of beauty



far away view of the downhill trek into Torrey and the impending hill of doom


bottom of the Torrey Pines hill

Along with some of my favorite participants and signs!


Right after Mile 7…if you’re over halfway might as well finish!


Sole to Soul on course support!


Bad ass…barefoot and in traditional Hawaiian gear!

I somehow managed to survive all of the hills and pulled into the finish at 02:16:51. Not my best time, but not my worst. AND considering my lack of training I’ll take it! I’m sitting at the fam’s house in Poway enjoying a relaxing evening and delicious dinner and the legs feel much better than I anticipated. Also reflecting on the fact that my La Jolla time is only 3 minutes slower than Carlsbad (#1 in the Triple Crown series). Shows you how HORRIBLE my stomach issues were at that race. I added TONS of hills this race and somehow pulled about the same time. Yeah. Moving on.

I snagged a couple post race photos with friends..


Me and Guns


Kristina and her Kenyan husband



Finisher buddy!

Then got in line to get shuttled back to the start line. Only part of the day that sucked. Thirty minutes of waiting, thirty minutes back to the start and then 30 minutes home. An hour and a half of my life I want back, but there were TONS of shuttles so I can’t really complain about it. They seemed to be very organized and used the big buses to do it to get as many people back as quickly as possible. Props to the race organizers.

Overall a great race for being so unprepared. Next race on the schedule is Beat the Bridge on May 19th. A 5 Mile race in Seattle benefiting JDRF and then R&R San Diego in June. Goal…be better prepared!

Have you ever had a race where you just were NOT ready?  How did you survive it?

A Reminder…to be the best version of ME

26 Feb
No Race?! What do you mean no RACE?!

This weekend went off without a race for me (tragedy right?!). Which is not a big deal because 1) my body is not made to race every single weekend, 2) I don’t have enough money to enter EVERY race I’d like to if I did I’d be on a plane 90% of the year to some far far away race, and 3) I actually do have a life outside running hard to believe I know. I’m only a week outside of the Austin Full marathon I just ran and giving myself ample time and opportunity to recooperate. After NWM I felt great! No soreness, good energy, etc. I was amazed given it was my first full. So being the superwoman that I totally am totally not I jumped straight back into work, working out, social life, etc. Well I learned the hard way two weeks later that my body hated me and wanted more rest. It promptly went down for about a week and a half. Putting me out of the ability to teach and losing income. NOT This time friends! I’m learning from past mistakes!

So while loading myself with vitamin c, Airborne, Alkaseltzer cold and LOTS of rest, I took the week off from running. BUT that didn’t mean I couldn’t go and be a good friend and cheer on my friend Melissa while she finished her race at the San Diego Women’s Half Marathon!



Post race and post PR! WOOT WOOT!

My friend ROCKS it! THREE half marathons so far this year and she has PR’d in EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. I’m such a proud friend and so glad I could be there to be her support system as she rocks out these races! Everyone deserves to have someone in their corner and I will be there in hers EVERY chance I get 🙂


Melissa making me jealous of her bling…dang it I should have ran!

Except when she shows me her AWESOME bling that I DIDN’T get…Thanks Melissa. Thanks. Make me so jealous I wish I would’ve just run the frickin’ race! Or grabbed a medal off the table….they had TONS!


The BLING…so bummed I wasn’t running to get this bling…next year!

JUST kidding! I’m not THAT hard up for bling! Ok maybe I am….runner isssues dudes…runner issues.

So instead of racing today I was the support system, and then GLADLY went out with Melissa for a post race celebratory meal (including bloody mary’s which I’m deeming our official post race drink…done and done…delicious!)

Then I went home and was a lazy butt. I’ve been struggling the last few weeks. Before Austin I started feeling sick so I took every down moment to rest and recuperate. This meant that rather than workout or run I was napping. I know I shouldn’t feel bad. I’m saving myself the problem of NOT being able to do ANYTHING by getting hit with this gnarly flu going around. But I feel blah and just overall down on myself. Lately I keep forgetting what this journey was about when I started it. It wasn’t about getting skinny or to a certain weight. It was about feeling healthy and confident and OWNING my body.

Lately, every time I look in a mirror and think I could do better I start tagging off the reasons I’m unhappy, which mostly concern the dinner I went to with a friend, or the drinks we had, the extra workout I didn’t get in, etcetera etcetera etcetera.

Well on Sunday night (after a day full of thinking poorly about myself) I decided that it stops now. BACK to the POSITIVE mindset where I look at what I’ve accomplished, think about the things I’m ADDING to my life (good food, good workouts) and stop focusing on the negative things. And I knew exactly where to start….


IMG_3216I made a wall of victories and accomplishments in my bedroom. Yup. I took ALL of my race bibs, medals, running signs, and even the mylar from NWM (my first full…and yes I kept it all this time tucked away in my room) and put them up on my wall. I even included a few of the signs my dance kids have given me this year in class. They’re totally non-running related but they motivate me just the same. To be a good teacher, take pride in my work and my passions. This wall will only continue to grow as I’ve got another 11 races in 2013 alone (holy cow…I’m insane….), but I needed it to remind me of what I’ve accomplished. I still have MANY goals ahead of me, but what I’ve done so far isn’t too shabby either. I’m not perfect. Never will be. All I can do is aim to be the best version of ME.

POSITIVITY PEOPLE! Its what works!

How do YOU stay positive? Motivate yourself?

Will Run for Chocolate!

23 Feb

You read right. I will run for CHOCOLATE! I’m kind of addicted…which by the way is TOTALLY weird for me. Five years ago I was NOT a sweets kind of person. I liked SALTY. Don’t get me wrong I still do, but all of a sudden I find myself craving sweets. And NOT just at during that time of the month (sorry guys for the TMI…but really lets be honest…I’m not).

So anyway, I love chocolate…especially if paired with peanut butter. Delectable. Naturally, the perfect thing to do is to run for some right? Well the Hot Chocolate 5k/15k is my solution then! You run to get the energy out, burn a few calories, enjoy some time with good friends…and at the end…CHOCOLATE….BAM


And some other goodies too. Doesn’t that finisher’s cup look phenomenal?! I originally found out about this race through mutual running friends and wanted to sign up for the San Diego race on March 24th. Well….my race schedule for the early part of the year is getting quite chaotic…so I hesitated on signing up. But I was so in love with the idea of this race that I inquired about becoming a race ambassador! As race ambassador you learn more about the brand and promote the race throughout the city you’re located in.

Low and behold a couple weeks later, I get confirmed as a race ambassador! WOOT WOOT! AND my sister texts me asking if I’d be interested in doing the SEATTLE one with HER while I’m up there (for a 24 hour period only..no biggie to add a race to the already packed schedule right?!). It will be her first official race (GO SISTER!) and of course I could not deny signing up to be there for that!

So now I’m busy busy busy promoting for the San Diego Hot Chocolate 5k/15k. Register here using the code HCSDHAT6 and not only will you get the awesome finisher’s cup above, and the super awesome sweatshirt below…


But you’ll also get a free technical running hat! Pretty sweet huh?!

What else do I love about the race, you ask? There is something for EVERYONE! Whether you’re just wanting a shorter distance to get in some miles with friends (5k), or you’re wanting to log in a nice little long run (15k)…there is a race for YOU! Not to mention the beautiful scenery! The 5k takes you through the neighborhoods of downtown, starting and ending at beautiful PETCO Park, while the 15k takes you up and through Balboa park. What’s not to love?

So register NOW!

What do YOU run for?

What other theme races are you in love with?  Feed my love of races here by leaving a comment!


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