Team Victorious!

** Coming Soon **

This page will be dedicated to my Team Victorious (TV) ladies! Here I’ll share the story of how I came to be involved in TV, what it’s done for me, and the amazing stories I’ve gained so far and that are still yet to come! It’ll also include links to other TV bloggers, the Facebook page, etc.


Team Victorious Bloggers

Melissa Kirkham – San Diego, CA:

Tammy Golay Burch – [location]:

Jamie Gregory – NYC/San Diego, CA:

Lisa Strom- Nor Cal:

Jamie Ferrante – Aurora, ON, Canada –

Jill Ryder – Middle, TN –

Kate Matheson – near Philadelphia, PA:

Lourdes Ibarra – Sacramento, CA:

Cassidy Sumpter – Tucson, AZ:

Jamie Edwards Quadra – Auburn, CA

Melissa Martini-Sacramento, CA

Jenn Bobbitt Larson- Austin, TX

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