My Running Goals

So when I started running in the summer of 2011, never in my life did I really think I’d have a list of running GOALS. If you read the story of how I started running (go Here for that!) you’d know the only goal in mind when I set out on this path was to be able to go out and run ONE half marathon, and then be able to hit the pavement for a good 3-5 mile run a couple days a week. I was living in Seattle right behind Green Lake (which has a 3 mile loop around it) and all I wanted to do was be able to head out on any day and go run the lake without stopping.

I should’ve known better that with my addictive personality (that sounds utterly horrible, but in this case its a GOOD thing) that I would get hooked and take things to a whole other level! Well 2011 set off with my original goal, and by the end of the year I’d run my first half. But somewhere along the way I caught the running bug. Then during 2012, my only real goal was to complete a full marathon (which I did at NWM in October! WOOT WOOT!). Although, technically I had signed up for multiple half marathons throughout the year and still had a goal somewhere in there of getting to a sub 2-hour half. But with my inconsistency in training, the switching to a new career, moving cities and such, that just DIDN’T happen. I realized it was most likely because I hadn’t set a specific goal of I’m going to run XX miles this year, or XX amount of races. Well that’s changing this year.

My GOAL (not resolution) for 2013 is to actually put forward SET PLANS! Things I want to see happen that I can measure against at the end of the year. And also, to see how quickly I can scratch them off my list 🙂



2013 Running Goals

Run 1,000 miles in 2013 – This is the equivalent of approximately 20 miles/week. This particular goal I think is VERY doable if I stay consistent. That was my biggest issue in 2012. NOT BEING CONSISTENT! And NOT tracking. At the beginning of 2012 I was focusing not on time or distance, just going out for my run. I had Green Lake which I knew was a 3 mile loop so WHY did I need my Nike+ App on? STUPID. I lost MONTHS of actual run information because of this. I didn’t start tracking my mileage closely until July 2012 when I got into NWM Training. So 6 months of my year is pretty sketchy data. This year will be different. Tracking is key! Every mile even if its not my best pace time!

Run 13 races in 2013 – Now this one may seem crazy (and mighty expensive), but it is a mixture of ALL distances. I’m not going for just half and full marathons. This includes 5Ks, 10Ks, 8Ks, virtual races…whatever the race might be. Some of my races this year are taking me to different cities and states. Some are just here at home. But the ultimate goal is to complete a total of 13 races. More bling for my wall please!

Streak for 365 days – and no I don’t mean running naked every day of the year. This goal is to at least log 1 mile running/jogging/walking EVERY day of 2013. I learned about this through some of my fellow Team Victorious sisters and thought the idea was phenomenal. Something to make me more accountable for my running. In 2012, I found myself battling days, weeks, months of inconsistency. Where I’d be awesome for 2 months in my training and the next 2 months I’d get out maybe once a week to run. With all of the long distances I’d been running it felt like if I couldn’t get out for 6 miles on one of my run days it was pointless…..Well that is just STUPID. Three miles is still awesome….TWO miles is still awesome. Even ONE mile is awesome. Getting OUT and getting ACTIVE is the idea. I’ve had several people remind me of this, both from those that run and those that don’t. So THANK YOU for the reminder. Sometimes our own brains get in the way. So here is to 365 days of getting ACTIVE in 2013.

Complete a half marathon in under 2 hours (9:10 min/mile pace) – My fastest half marathon time is 2:05:51….so I’m not far off. And really the only thing that is holding me back from getting that sub 2 pace is stomach issues. Typically I have to stop at LEAST once, if not twice during a race to use a restroom. This adds SUBSTANTIAL time to my race time. If I could get my stomach worked out I think I could do it. Although these days my run times have been slower so I need to work on pace overall these days. BUT this is a totally doable goal. For me the real question is HOW FAST can I reach it??? Carlsbad 1/27/13 maybe?

Complete a marathon in under 04:15:00 – Now this seems to me a SUBSTANTIALLY difficult goal. Why? Well, I’ve only run ONE marathon so far. Pulling in at 04:45:34. SO that means shaving off 30 minutes (or 1 minute 8 seconds) off each mile….Doable, but LOTS of work ahead. This goal is one that doesn’t just stop at the under 4:15….one day I hope to get my time down to Boston qualifying times (3hrs 35 mins…or an 8:12min/mile – HOLY).

5 GOALS PEOPLE! LET’S DO THIS! 2013 is a year on the MOVE!

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