Dance Life!

In June 2012 I uprooted myself from the comforts of a (mostly) 8-4 desk job to follow my ultimate dream. After 6 years of working in the accounting and finance industry I quit my job, sold most of my physical belongings and packed the remaining items in my little Honda Civic to move down to San Diego. The move was made to allow me to pursue my passion for dance and begin teaching/coaching full time.

Not many people can honestly say that they get to live their dream on a daily basis. I am one of the lucky few who can and I thank God every day for that. That is not to say that there aren’t days that are challenging (both physically, mentally and emotionally), but at the end of each day I feel satisfied, complete, at peace. I wake up each day and wonder when they’re going to drag me back to the desk and tell me I have to go back to reality now. I know I am still in the early days of my new life and there will be hard days ahead, but for now I’m content to live in my abundantly happy life.

I primarily teach young children (ages 2 – 12) in Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop and Jazz, but also teach older age groups in Hip Hop, Jazz and Zumba! Currently, I am working with a couple of wonderful studios, as well as coaching the Torero Spirit Team at my alma mater, the University of San Diego. Most recently I have been blessed with the amazing opportunity to teach a Burlesque class at Culture Shock Dance Center. I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am for the opportunity to teach at places I grew up dancing and working with such amazing people. Below are the links to the studios’s web pages and the Torero Spirit Team’s official page on the USD Athletics Website.

Dance to EvOLve –

Dance & Company

The University of San Diego

Culture Shock Dance Center

Keep checking back for class times and locations of upcoming dance/zumba classes I’ll be teaching!

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