FitBloggin ’13 – I’ll be a LIVE Blogger!

3 May

So the good news keeps coming! I have been officially selected as a Live Blogger for FitBloggin ’13! WOOT WOOT!

WHAT is FitBloggin ’13 you ask?! Wonderful question! Let me tell you about it!

About FitBloggin’ (From the FitBloggin’ website)

The FitBloggin’ Conference is for anyone who blogs about fitness, wellness, good food and a healthy lifestyle–regardless of where they are in their journey. Our attendees are a melting pot of fit-minded people. Some of us are on a mission to lose weight. Others are training for triathlons. We have gym rats and folks learning to run. We welcome vegetarians, vegans, and convenience food junkies alike. We may all be in different stage of fitness, but we all share one passion: To live a happy, healthy balanced life.

More than just another blogging conference, FitBloggin’ is all about the desire to use technology, blogging and social media to motivate, inspire and foster a culture of health and wellness. We strive to bring together bloggers from all walks of life to create a tightly connected group of men and women who care deeply about and are committed to spreading this passion for fitness.

To be chosen to be a part of the live blogging crew is such an honor. There were 30 assistant spots available…Again, I really didn’t think I’d be chosen but when I got the email I was like HECK YES (except in a much more non-PC language…I’ve censored it for your sake…you’re welcome)!!

FitBloggin’ 13 will be held in Portland this year. So I get to make my way back to the beautiful PNW (Pacific Northwest) and enjoy a weekend full of amazing workouts and sessions on health, fitness, and blogging. Plus I get to meet a ton of amazing bloggers and interact with people who have similar stories of getting back to health and happiness. Below are a few friends and favorite bloggers who will be in attendance this year…

These are just a FEW of the Bloggers I’m excited about…who else will be there?! Check the list out HERE!

I’ll get to Live Blog one of the sessions I take and there will be PLENTY of other tweets, posts galore about the weekend. What could be better than a weekend about living the healthy, happy life?! I mean it is what I try to do every day and have strived for over the last 3 years. I see this as a tremendous opportunity to move forward with my goals of health and fitness, as well as to meet and learn some amazing things about blogging and just LIFE. Each person at this conference has their own story and I am beyond excited to hear them.

Portland….here I come!

What do YOU want to learn from FitBloggin ’13? What can I share with you as a reader?!

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