I am a See Jane Run Ambassador!

2 May

I am excited to announce that I have been chosen as a See Jane Run ambassador!



AHHHHHH!!! Ok – needless to say I’m ridiculously excited. I applied for the program back in March and have been waiting on pins and needles to see if I’d get accepted. I wasn’t really expecting to get picked. I mean, there are tons of amazing women with inspiring stories and reasons why they should be ambassadors. So I figured it was a long shot.

A little information about See Jane Run (from the See Jane Run website)

See Jane Run is so much more than a running store. As a woman-owned and operated company, See Jane Run reaches out to individuals of all shapes, ages and fitness levels. Yeah, we sell shoes and gear, but we also motivate, inspire and support. Our Train With Jane programs are designed specifically to meet the needs of a Jane who has never run beyond the corner to the seasoned Jane who wants to shave time off her personal best. And we even host our own events. Yep, we like to stay busy! See Jane Run half marathons and triathlons are happening in the San Francisco CA area, Boise ID, Seattle WA and Wichita KS.

And here is the See Jane Run Manifesto


I chose to apply to be an ambassador because they embrace the female spirit. They celebrate WOMEN. Our hard work, our commitment and every essential part of who we are. They encourage us to strive for things bigger than ourselves. To be part of a running community and to move forward together. They do this through not only their stores but also their events.

And then they reward us with awesome things like champagne and chocolate at the end of our races…I mean who wouldn’t LOVE that?

If you’ve read my blog and about my weight loss journey, you know that I have often struggled to embrace my own beauty. It is something I work on EVERY day. Some days are better than others and I am able to see the beauty in OTHERS much more than I see myself. I’m hoping that by being part of this amazing group of women (my fellow SJR ambassadors) I’ll be exposed to wonderful opportunities to grow and share my journey. Inspire new faces and hopefully re-inspire myself along the way.

Keep a lookout on the blog, Twitter and Facebook page for more posts about my See Jane Run ambassador experience. I’ll be running the See Jane Run Half Marathon in Seattle on July 14th and will post my training stories along the way. My Goal for that race is to hit sub 2:00! (If I haven’t hit it by then!)


What is YOUR favorite See Jane Run product? What do YOU want to know about See Jane Run? Are you running one of their events?


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