Finding Balance in the Chaos

19 Mar

I wrote earlier this week about how sometimes life just takes over. Yup, this indeed is the truth. Especially in my life. Coming to accept this and embrace it is my newest journey. I’ve always loved being a busy person, but with the switch in careers this year it has been a process in adapting to an entirely different type of crazy. A new type of busy. Where you’re never truly off duty from work. I am constantly thinking of a new creative idea to use in my tiny tot classes, finding inspiration in new songs for new routines, choreographing, scheduling events, planning tryouts, etc. etc. etcetera.

When I moved down to San Diego and began the new career (literally from ground zero) I knew it would take time to adjust. I knew life would be different. But I think I figured I’d be able to get it nailed down after 6 months or so. I mean, I’m smart. I adapt well in new surroundings. I know how to pick things up and run with them. Well, I should’ve known that this was an entirely different ball game. I’m building a career.  A life. It takes time. So again, acceptance is key!!!

This week I feel like I’m working through it! Teaching my classes, getting in my workouts (an HOUR long ab session with my trainer today…oof…kill me), a few meetings on top of it all, and a nice evening walk with the roomie. Tomorrow I have gym plans (running and legs day…now that my legs have decided to feel semi normal after last weeks killer leg workout and runs!). The rest of the week seems to be shaping up to get good workouts in, good classes, and the building of more amazing things to come. I am EMBRACING the chaos and working through it, in it, around it. Making the chaos my normal and knowing if I don’t embrace it and work with it that I’m never going to get anywhere!

Not to mention RECITAL costumes started arriving today! The next few months will be prepping my little dancers for recital time. EXCITING! Nerve wrecking too! My first official year as a recital teacher. Not gonna lie, the spring has brought out a LOT of little dancers and my classes are POPPIN! Most classes have 10+ kids in them and so that means lots of BIG numbers in recital. #BLESSEDLIFE #DREAMJOB

Funny how the things that bring such craziness can also be the things that bring you such joy, love and happiness.


What in YOUR life causes chaos but brings you joy and happiness?

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