Saturday Surprises!

2 Mar

So this morning I was SUPPOSED to meet up with the Sole to Soul crew for a morning run in Point Loma. It was going to be a nice 6 miler. Well, I was a procrastination queen last night and decided NOT to pack for Seattle….crap. I mean it is only a 24 hour trip but I need to be packed…especially since I’m running the Seattle Hot Chocolate 5k with my sis. (I’m also a race ambassador for the San Diego Hot Chocolate run! Register with the code HCSDHAT6 here and get a FREE technical running hat…shameless plug ended…).

I ended up packing first thing this morning (GO ME!) and sticking close to home for a shorter 3 miler. Well, seems like my mind decided to make up for the lack of extra miles by bringing its A game today. 3 Miles in 00:24:48….thats about an 8:40 pace! WOOT WOOT! Fastest 3 miler to date šŸ™‚

I would love to say I actually went out with the intention to be that fast….but I didn’t. Which makes me kinda love that it happened even more. I’ve said for awhile now that I want to work on my speed…well looks like I’m starting to get there!

And all while enjoying the sunny San Diego weather….I love So Cal in winter…70+ and sunny…tanks for running all year round. Be jealous



What kind of speed workouts do you do to improve pace?

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