Friendly Friday…love to others and to yourself!

1 Mar


I love Fridays. They’re just phenomenal…usually.

The last few Friday’s have been chaos though. Filled with teaching more classes than usual (which I’m not complaining about because it means 1) I’m Dancing, and 2) I’m making more money….win win win!), travel time, and just all together craziness. So this morning I loved the fact that I didn’t have to rush off anywhere. I woke up and enjoyed my breakfast and coffee while catching up on some of the admin items for my studios I needed to do.

I had originally intended to get up and do all kinds of things with the free morning. Go run/walk Torrey Pines, take a cardio hip hop class, etc…but I woke up feeling like I should just relax and not push myself. Or in other words was too lazy to drag my butt out of bed. Lets be honest. And as I mulled around this morning I felt guilty. Guilty for not being more productive/active. I’ve felt that a lot lately. Guilt. I haven’t been able to shake it. Even on days that I’ve done well. I feel like I could do better, and that negative mindset has sucked the life out of me lately. Put me in a really bad funk.

So instead of continuing to be down on myself because I didn’t feel like running or going to lift weights this morning, I decided to go for a nice long walk and ENJOY the view of my life. Because damn it I’ve got a pretty phenomenal one. I just need to stop and realize that more often.

It took everything I had not to run during it. I’d have runners pass me and I’d think ‘Damn it you can run. Just do it.’ Then I reminded myself of WHY I was walking. To get out and be active, yes, but also to let my mind be at peace and to enjoy the life I’m living. Because sometimes its not about how many calories you burn…sometimes its about doing what you need to do to find a little bit of peace. And while a lot of times for me that means going on a run, today it meant taking the time out for me to walk and just let myself be.

I had a nice conversation with my mom during the last couple miles of my walk (6.5 miles during my jaunt today). She reminded me to do something….she reminded me to be kinder to myself. And yes I needed this reminder. Sad, right? ¬†But truthfully I’m always my toughest critic, as I feel MOST people are. I’m usually nicer and kinder to others than I am to myself. I feel that I need to be a million things ALL the time, and always need to be go go go….so when I’m not on top of my game I start beating up on myself. Even if its just missing ONE thing from my day. It can end up making me spiral down and feel like I’m a failure. Which I know I’m not.

Well, today I’m reminding myself of the good things in my life…where my journey started and how successful I’ve been on my path so far, and that while sometimes there are bumps in the road, I can overcome them. And that sometimes its about simplicity (e.g. getting out for a walk) versus overdoing it and being everything all in one day, or one week, or one month.

Today I’m loving myself for me. Being kinder to myself than I have been over the last few weeks and enjoying the view.


How do you keep things simple in YOUR life? What reminds you to be kind to yourself?

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