Will Run for Chocolate!

23 Feb

You read right. I will run for CHOCOLATE! I’m kind of addicted…which by the way is TOTALLY weird for me. Five years ago I was NOT a sweets kind of person. I liked SALTY. Don’t get me wrong I still do, but all of a sudden I find myself craving sweets. And NOT just at during that time of the month (sorry guys for the TMI…but really lets be honest…I’m not).

So anyway, I love chocolate…especially if paired with peanut butter. Delectable. Naturally, the perfect thing to do is to run for some right? Well the Hot Chocolate 5k/15k is my solution then! You run to get the energy out, burn a few calories, enjoy some time with good friends…and at the end…CHOCOLATE….BAM


And some other goodies too. Doesn’t that finisher’s cup look phenomenal?! I originally found out about this race through mutual running friends and wanted to sign up for the San Diego race on March 24th. Well….my race schedule for the early part of the year is getting quite chaotic…so I hesitated on signing up. But I was so in love with the idea of this race that I inquired about becoming a race ambassador! As race ambassador you learn more about the brand and promote the race throughout the city you’re located in.

Low and behold a couple weeks later, I get confirmed as a race ambassador! WOOT WOOT! AND my sister texts me asking if I’d be interested in doing the SEATTLE one with HER while I’m up there (for a 24 hour period only..no biggie to add a race to the already packed schedule right?!). It will be her first official race (GO SISTER!) and of course I could not deny signing up to be there for that!

So now I’m busy busy busy promoting for the San Diego Hot Chocolate 5k/15k. Register here using the code HCSDHAT6 and not only will you get the awesome finisher’s cup above, and the super awesome sweatshirt below…


But you’ll also get a free technical running hat! Pretty sweet huh?!

What else do I love about the race, you ask? There is something for EVERYONE! Whether you’re just wanting a shorter distance to get in some miles with friends (5k), or you’re wanting to log in a nice little long run (15k)…there is a race for YOU! Not to mention the beautiful scenery! The 5k takes you through the neighborhoods of downtown, starting and ending at beautiful PETCO Park, while the 15k takes you up and through Balboa park. What’s not to love?

So register NOW!

What do YOU run for?

What other theme races are you in love with?  Feed my love of races here by leaving a comment!

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