A Little Rock & Roll for the Evening!

30 Jan

I’ve been working on figuring out my race schedule for 2013. There are SO many races I want to do, but unfortunately this girl (poor broke dance teacher) can’t afford the entry fees, travel costs, etc. that all these wonderful races would bring on. (Anyone need a race ambassador?!?! I’ll run it and blog about it if you give me free entry! Pretty please!?! haha)


So after careful consideration, I decided to sign-up for the SD Rock & Roll Half on June 2nd. Want to run it with me?! Register HERE! I’ve heard MULTIPLE different things about the race in previous years. E.g. the 163 tilted freeway sucks to run, it’s congested at Sea World, Fiesta Island sucks….blah blah blah. The list goes on. Plus it is a R&R event and although it’s big and you get more bang for your buck (thats a LOT of bucks!), its pricier and they don’t always end up going as smooth as you would hope for such a big race sponsor. 

Well, they suckered me in with THIS article about the changes to this year’s course. Plus I had a $10 coupon for it in my Carlsbad Half goodie bag, AND it is local. Which means no hotel/travel fees. So overall it ends up being one of my cheaper races this year. Go figure. 

Anyway, I am excited the calendar is firming up AND this gives me a race in June (I hadn’t found one yet…and YES i am that crazy that I am having a race once a month….goals right?!)

It is a WIN, WIN, WIN…..right???

Who is joining me for SD R&R? What other races does everyone have on their calendars? Any suggestions on favorites you’ve run before?! Throw them my way!

Race ambassador needs? Let me know those too!

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