13in2013…the First in the Series

24 Jan

This Sunday will be the first of my official race series for 2013! I’ll be running the Carlsbad Half Marathon along with a few of my favorite people (including Melissa from MelissaRunningIt).


As you know, or maybe you don’t know (and if you don’t know you need to check out my running goals HERE), one of my goals is to run 13 races in 2013. I didn’t choose a particular distance. It could be a variety of ALL types (5k, half marathon, full marathon, etc.). And the first one is only a few days away.

I’m feeling good about the distance for sure. I’ve run half marathons before and I’m in the midst of training for Austin full marathon so the distance itself doesn’t scare me. What worries me is the goal I have inside my brain for pacing. I know I shouldn’t go in and try to push too hard. Especially with so many other races coming up…but I want it so bad I can taste it. BUT I am trying desperately (and by trying I mean FAILING miserably) to keep the time goal out of my head.

The only other worry I have is that it takes me back in mileage from my training plan for Austin (should technically be doing 18 this weekend….5 miles is no big deal right?). While it worries me I’m trying to remember a few things:

1) Race day is different than a normal training run! I’ll have more adrenaline and more like push harder. So rather than going out and pulling in extra miles AFTER the race I’m going to let the race day be just that. Race day. No more. No less.

2) I know next week I’ll kick it up for the big push to 20 and then taper to Austin. I did the same thing for NWM and I was fine. Its all mental (and I’m definitely mental!).

ANYway..the excitement of race day is creeping in. I haven’t had a real RACE since NWM. Just lots of regular every day runs. Excited to be back IN IT! (and get my bling of course!)

Have you run YOUR first race of 2013? If so, what race is it? Or what is your first race coming up?! Share with me! 🙂

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