Getting things ROLLING!

22 Jan

Greetings! Yes…my posting has been short and sporadic of late….I apologize! I really do! Life has been a roller coaster and every time I think I’ve gotten the hang of things something new pops up to throw in a wrench. Go figure, right?

Anyway – I have a renewed sense of vigilance for this blog! I’m working to have at least 3-4 posts a week people! Help keep me honest? Pretty please?! 🙂

I’ve linked up the page now to all things social media for me! (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) I’ve even created a Facebook page for the blog. Why? Why not just use my own personal Facebook page? Well, because the viewership that I’m searching for this blog is not necessarily the exact same as that of my everyday Facebook friend. I want the Facebook Blog Page to really gear toward this blog and what I’m working to achieve. Not just every day personal updates.

SO! You can find me at the following sites and FOLLOW ME!





Not to mention have you followed THIS blog yet?! You can do that by going to the main page and pressing the FOLLOW ME button! Simple right?! DO. IT.

I dare you 🙂

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