30 Days of Thanks

1 Nov

In years past I have seen many of my friends and family do a 30 days of Thanks during the month of November. Remembering what we are thankful for on a daily basis is a helpful way to keep yourself positive and moving forward. I found myself this last week being somewhat down in the dumps due to a lingering virus that has kept me inside and bed ridden. I’ve had to get subs for my classes and have been altogether disconnected and lethargic. So what better way to kick myself out of a funk than reminding myself of the GOOD things that are OVERFLOWING in my life. Because lets face it, its VERY easy to allow ourselves to be negative and down on ourselves. To feel that things are piling up against us and the world just sucks. We’re inundated with the negative things in life all the time. They’re everywhere. Newspaper, radio, internet, TV…so here’s to being HAPPY and THANKFUL. Because I CHOOSE that.

Day 1 – I am Thankful for finally being on the road to recovery! After a week of being sick I’m finally feeling like a HUMAN again!

More to come 🙂


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