6 Days and Counting!

8 Oct

It is 6 days and counting until NWM! OH. MY. WORD.

I seriously haven’t been THIS excited for something in so long! I can’t focus on much else other than the fact I get to go and run with my FABULOUS Team Victorious teammates in less than a week! The hills of SF are calling…and while I’m terrified I’m so excited at this point I can’t hold it in!

A week ago I was panicking about whether I’d trained enough or if I could make it. Right now I KNOW I will make it purely because my teammates will drag me across if nothing else πŸ™‚

The other thing I think about is my plan to jump straight into the arms of one of those SF Firefighters who will be holding the Blue Tiffany boxes with my finisher’s necklace! It WILL happen…I just need someone with a camera ready and waiting! Because lets face it…if this is the moment I meet my future husband we want our first meeting documented! Sweat and all πŸ™‚



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