The First of Many

7 Oct

This blog has been many months in the works and is very much still a work in progress. I started a blog many years ago (click here for the old blog) that was mostly a venting place for me. I used it primarily as a ways to keep family and friends informed of my life after college. It seemed easy enough but I neglected it a LOT. Mostly because in the beginning days I was working 14-15 hour days. The only things I’d post were about how unhappy I was, or the long hours I was working. At the beginning of the year (2012) I began reading my older postings and realized how depressing the old blog had been. Given, the last year of posts was much more upbeat and told a story of progress and great life changes, but the old page just seemed to carry so much baggage. So that is where this new site comes in.

I decided that I wanted to have a page where I could share stories of what is going on in my life, but also to use it as a medium to potentially have an impact on someone else’s life. If you’ve ventured into the ‘About Me‘ section of this site you’ll know that I’ve battled with my weight and own personal happiness over the last several years. Well, I know that during my own struggles I happened to come upon many a site where someone was kind and brave enough to share their own story, and how much those words helped me during my own journey. So while much of what I share about myself is very personal and sometimes hard to recount publicly, if I can help even ONE person then it is worth it to share.

SO..I started working on this back in June. It is now OCTOBER and this is my first post. BRAVO Amy, BRAVO! I promise to get this puppy up and running as quickly as I can. I have many a story to share of the last 3 months since I moved back to San Diego. Most of which will consist of my transition into my new life path and training for my first full marathon, amongst other things.

Happy Sunday to all! And GO CHARGERS! šŸ™‚

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